Between the Wars 1995

1.Night train to Munich
2.Age of rhythm
4.Lindy comes to town
5.Three Mules
6.A league of notions
7.Life between the Wars
8.Betty Boop's birthday
9.Marion the Chatelaine
10.Joe the Georgian
11.Always the cause
12.Laughing into 1939
13.The black danube

Laurence Juber

Al Stewart - vocal, guitar, woodblock,
    synth strings
Laurence Juber - guitars,banjo, dobro
    six string bass,mandolin, synth strings
Bobby Bruce - violin
Tim Landers - acoustic bass guitar
Sam Riney - clarinet, soprano sax
Guy Babylon - synth strings, tack piano
Steve Forman - percussion
Suzoe Katayama - cello, accordian
Domenic Genova - arco bass
Herman Beeftink - piano, synth strings
James Hutchinson - bass
Jim Keltner - drums
Robin Lamble - backing vocals
Andrew Powell - synth strings

1995 - US / Mesa
1995 - UK / EMI