Blue September (Windows) 1990


1.Under My Thumb (Jagger/Richards)
2.Counting up the Years (Wise/Cohen/Ian)
3.Edge of the World (Wise/Cohen)
4.Blue September (Wise/Cohen/Stewart/White)
5.Stay in Touch (Wise/Cohen)
6.Interlude (Cohen)
7.Love is in My Life (Wise/Cohen)
8.Sand Box (Wise/Cohen)
9.Someone's Growing Up Here (Wise/Cohen)
10.In the Lounge (Wise/Cohen)
11.Interlude (Wise)
12.Ginger Snaps (Wise/Cohen)
13.Elbow Room (Wise/Cohen)
Gary Meek/Saxophone
Derol Caraco/Electric guitar
Dave Karasony/Drums
Tom Tucciarone/Bass
Peter White/Keyboards
Ed Cohen/Keyboards, flute
Skipper Wise/Vocals, bass
Tim Timmerman/Percussion
Al Stewart/Vocals
Richard Elliot/Saxophone
Debra Dobkin/Percussion
John Mahon/Drums