The Early Years 1978


1.Bedsitter Images
2.You don't even know me
3.I'm falling
4.A small fruit song
5.The news from Spain
6.Electric Los Angeles sunset
7.Denise at 16
9.Clifton in the rain
10.Night of the 4th of May
11.In Brooklyn old compton St. Blues
12.The ballad of May Foster
13.Life and life only
14.You should have listened to AL
15.Love chronicles
1.Bedsitter Images
2.IN Brooklyn
3.Electric Los Angeles sunset
4.Clifton in the rain
5.You should have listened to AL
7.Small fruit song
8.Life and life only
9.Love chronicles

1977 - US / Janus 2JXS 7026
1978 - UK / RCA PL 25131
1978 - Japan / RCA RVP 6289