Last Days of the Century 1988

1.Last days of the Century
2.Real and unreal
3.King of Portugal
4.Red Toupee
5.Where are they now
6.Bad Reputation
7.Josephine Baker
8.License to steal
9.Fields of France
11.Ghostly horses of the plain
12.Helen and Cassandra

Joe Chiccarelli /Peter White

Al Stewart - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Peter White - Accordion, Guitars,
Tim Renwick - Guitar
Tori Amos - Vocals
Steve Recker - Guitars
Dave Camp - Flute, Saxophone
Steve Chapman - Drums
Vinnie Colaiuta - Drums
Steve Farris - Guitar
Carroll Sue Hill - Vocals
Phil Kenzie - Saxophone
Tim Landers - Bass
Lee Thornburg - Trumpet
Robin Lamble - Vocals
Peter Wood - Keyboards

1988 - UK / Enigima ENVP505
1988 - US / Enigima D1-73316

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