Live at the Roxy 1997

1.Running man
2.Time Passages
3.Merlin's Time
4.If it doesn't come
    naturally,leave it
5.Roads to Moscow
6.Nostradamus(part 1)
7.World goes to Riyadh
8.Nostradamus(part 2)
9.Soho(needless to say)
10.On the border
11.Valentina way
12.Clarence Frogman Henry
13Year of the Cat
Al Stewart - Guitar, Keyboards,
Peter White - Guitar, Keyboards
Steve Chapman - Percussion
Howard Kaylan - Vocals
Krysia Kristianne - Vocals
Robin Lamble - Bass, Vocals
Jerry McMillan - Violin
Bryan Savage - Wind
Harry Stinson - Drums, Vocals
Mark Volman - Vocals
Adam Yurman - Guitar, Vocals

1997 - UK / EMI

1981年の "Indian Summer" のライブのパートにプラス2曲追加されたもの

Live at Roxy (AmazonでUK盤 試聴あり)