Greatest Show on Earth (Martin Darvill and Friends) 1998


1.Greatest Show
2.Modern Man
4.Greatest Show
5.I Must Go
6.I Will Love You Forever
7.I Must Go
8.Don't Touch the Marble
9.Greatest Show
10.Sodium City
11.Circus in the Sky
12.I Am the Future
13.Greatest Show
14.The Only Way to Fly
15.In Search of the Holy Grail
16.The Greatest Show on Earth
Paul Ward/keyboards, bass guitar
Kevin Woodhouse/drums
Martin Darvill/guitars, keyboards
Ian Gould/backing vocals
Ian Salmon/bass
Kenny Jones/drums
John Wetton/vocal
Al Stewart/vocal,acoustic guitar
Amy Balcomb/backing vocal
Paul Robinson/ acoustic guitar
Noel Redding/bass guitar
Don Airey/keyboards
Nick Barrett/lead guitar
Syd Twynham/backing vocal
David Kilminsterlead /guitar
Martin Orford/keyboards
Clive Nolan/keyboards
Mick Pointer/drums
John Mitchell/guitar
Paul Wrightson/vocal
John Jowitt/bass
Karl Groom/keyboard , guitar
Mark Singer/drums
Brendan Loy/ drums
Wild Willy Barrett/acoustic guitar
Simon Harris/ special effects
Keith Bishop/acoustic & rhythm guitar


"Greatest Show on Earth"