Time Passages Live 2002

1.On the Border
2.Sirens of Titan
3.Time Passages
4.Roads to Moscow
5.Life in dark water
6.Valentina way
7.Year of the Cat
8.Pink Panther Theme
9.Song on the radio

Luke O'Reilly

Al Stewart - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Peter White - Guitar, Keyboards
Robert Alpert - Keyboards
Phil Kenzie - Saxophone
Krysia Kristianne - Vocals
Robin Lamble - Bass, Vocals
Harry Stinson - Drums, Vocals
Adam Yurman - Guitar, Vocals

2002 - US / BMG

"Live Radio Concert"(通称
改めて発売したものです。"Sirens og Titan" が追加されてます。

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Time Passages Live 2005

2005 - US / Collectables

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