Year of the cat 1976

1.Lord Grenville
2.On the border
3.Midas shadow
4.Sand in your shoes
5.If it doesn't come
   naturally,leave it
6.Flying sorcery
7.Broadway Hotel
8.One stage before
9.Year of the Cat

Alan Parsons

Al Stewart - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Peter White - Guitar, Keyboards
John G. Perry - Vocals
Tim Renwick - Guitar
Andrew Powell - Strings, Arranger
Bobby Bruce - Violin
Marion Driscoll - Percussion, Triangle
Stuart Elliott - Percussion, Drums, Vocals
George Ford - Bass
Phil Kenzie - Saxophone
Don Lobster - Keyboards
David Pack - Vocals
John Perry - Vocals
Tony Rivers - Vocals
Graham Smith - Harmonica
Peter Wood - Keyboards

1976 - UK / RCA RS1082
1976 - US / Janus JLS 7072
1977 - Japan / RCA RVP 6166

Year of the Cat(Amazon UK盤 試聴あり ボーナス・トラックとして
"On the Border ライブバージョン" "Belsize Blues" "Story of the Songs"の3曲追加)

Year of the Cat(Amazon US盤 試聴あり)

Year of the Cat(Amazon US版 ORIGINAL RECORDING REMASTERED 2004/04/27発売)

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